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We haven't seen a weeabo pleaser of such epic proportions from Rin & Pichi for a while, but this definitely hits the mark! An adorable dress up game where, as usual, you can customize each aspect of the look of your doll. Add makeup and kawaii tattoos like Hello Kitty, the Sailor Moon symbol, strawberries or a cupcake! Style the front and back of the hair in a nicely pared down selection of lolita styles. Add extra ponytails and braids! Then get dressed up in the CUTEST selection of clothes yet! There is a lovely selection of classic Japanese lolita dresses, but also an endless array of pastel colored cardigans and sweaters, featuring kittens, bunnies and rainbows! Or create your own look with lacey corests. Then, pair your tops with cute bottoms like shorts, ballerina skirts, denim and more. You can choose whether to tuck in your top or not! Accessorize your outfit with socks, stockings, and tights of many colors and patterns. The adorable tights selection must be seen to be believed (it's past the short in the bottoms section)! Complete the look with kawaii jewelry, hats, muffs, teddy bears and more! You can also change the color of your doll's background. This dress up game is sure to be a classic hit. Enjoy!

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