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avatar hosebixa
hosebixa 20.07.2020, godz. 18.40 odpowiedz
At that moment, Blake's eyes revert to normal. He gasps as he sees the massive meat before him as well as the thick testicles now gracing his presence, not to mention how this fat black man's weight is pressing down on him on in this low-lit room!

What's going on?! How did he get here! He only remembers the stupid ghost walking out of the bathroom, and he blinks and now there's a fat naked black man teabagging him
He opens his mouth to shout out loud, but his lips feel that cold tingle. Hearing the eerie giggle inside his skull, his mouth pulls itself to start smooching and slobbering onto Barry's sweaty testicles. "Mmmpp! Annggmullmmpp"

"Oh f*** yeah, lick those balls, bitch, lick them balls" Barry says as he smushes his heavy orbs onto those starving lips.

Blake can almost make out the light-blue outline from within his mouth muscles -- it's that ghost possessing only his lips and tongue, he can practically see the asinine poltergeist's smile. Fully conscious, he cringes with inner disgust as the ghost haunts his lips and just sucks on that sac, fitting one ball into his mouth to slurp and gulp before his head shakes to slip and slide the other one.

Blake watches as all the nut-sucking makes Barry's huge cock slowly rise and erect. He secretly quivers as it just keeps getting bigger! That black monster thickens and engorges from his voracious slurping and guzzling .

Just when that dong fully erects, Barry rises up, popping his loose-dangling sac from Blake's mouth. The fat bear strokes his member as he looks at the panting little bitch before him. Blake can barely move, his drool trailing off the side of his mouth as that thick and round stud maneuvers himself.
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